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Assalam Alaikum

Are there any verses in the Quran which support Taqleed? I remember hearing them but can’t remember.

Also, i have heard that Taqleed existed in the time of the Sahaabah as they followed those Sahaabah who were experts in the field. Are there any examples of this?


Wa Alaikum Salam,

“So ask the people of rememberance if you know not”

(Surah an-Nahl: v43)

“O you who believe! Follow Allah; the Messenger and those of authority (Amr) amongst you.”

(Surah An-Nisaa: v59)

The view of Abdullah ibn Abbas (Radhiyallahu ‘Anhu) is that Amr refers to Jurists. Imam Razi (Rahmatullahi Alaih) gives preference to this view and writes, “So taking those of Amr to mean scholars is more appropriate”

“And when there comes to them a matter concerning (public) safety or fear, they relate it. If they had only referred it to the Messenger and to those of authority (Amr), those who can investigate and extract (information) among them would know (the rumor’s validity)”

(Surah An-Nisaa: v83)

Ibn Abbas (Radhiyallahu) narrates that ‘Umar ibn Khattab (Radhiyallahu) gave a sermon at Jabiyah and said:

“”O people! If you want to know anything about the Qur’aan, go to ‘Ubaid ibn Ka’b. If you want to know about Fiqh, go to Mu’adh ibn Jabal. If you want to know about wealth, come to me for Allah has made me a guardian and a distributor”

(Tabrani in Al-Aswat)

This shows that Taqleed in fields existed at the time of the Sahaabah as they went to those who knew in that field.

Maulana Muhammad

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