I saw animals in dream.what does it mean?

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I saw in my dream that there is some kind of tension in my home. I saw some animals in my kitchen. I think I saw may be a fox(but not sure about fox) , wolf and rabbit and some other animals. I saw a cooking dish on stove .An animal (I think very small crocodile or it’s kid) is in the dish. I just saw it’s back that was outside the dish, and because of its height the cap of the dish was a bit above. I don’t know what happened than.


We make dua that Allah grant you peace and happiness and may Allah protect you from the mischief of evil people. (Ameen).

We advise you obey Allah Ta’aala and carry out His orders to the best of your ability. Also make tawba and istighfaar. If possible offer some Sadaqah (charity). Inshallah, with the Barakah of all these good deeds, you will be protected.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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