Accepting Interest so that Banks don’t “Use it Against Us”

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I have asked many people and they said that it is haram to take interest from your bank. But most of the banks are Jewish owned, and if we don’t accept the interest, they get to keep the money and use it against us. So is it permissible for me to take that interest money and give it to an Islamic Charity or use it for any Islamic purpose?

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Many banks agree to take back interest they have posted to one’s account and can block it from being posted in future. As such, the best and easiest way to deal with the issue is to not accept the money in the first place, rather than to wrongly acquire money and then find ways of disposing of it. We should explain to them, that regardless of the amount, as a matter of religious principle we do not accept a single penny of interest. When everyone does this, it also sends a clear message – it is surprising how many employees are quite impressed with such principles because not many people turn down ‘free’ money. As for banks using money “against us”, speculated harm does not permit us to disobey Allah’s firm command to not partake in riba (usury).

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