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What is the status of Soyam and Chelum in Islam – سوئم اور چہلم?

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Jamia Binoria

What is the status of ‘Soyam ‘ and ‘Chelum ‘ in Islam. Is it in accordance with the teaching of Islam. If yes then what is the procedure of arranging this ‘Soyam’ and ‘Chaliswaan’

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent and the Most Merciful
There is no evidence whatsoever is found about giving concern to 3rd, 7th and 40th day (after the burial for doing esal e Sawab for a deceased) in the first three Golden Eras which were famous for all their excellence, rather, it is an act of pure Innovation (Bid’at), refraining from which, is very vital. However if the purpose is Isal e Sawab (passing reward) for the deceased, then it could be made by reciting Qur’an Shareef, performing Nafl Salath and executing Nafl Sadaqa among the desist and the under privileged people and passing the reward for the deceased without making any programmes or arrangements of meals etc. . But these things too are not confined to particular days, times and programmes rather this could be done as and when one wishes.
Allah knows best.

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