What is bay’ah or bay’at (‎بَيْعَة‎)?

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What is bay’ah or bay’at (‎بَيْعَة‎)? Taking bay’at necessary in islam? if yes, from whom one should take ‎بَيْعَة‎ ? What is method of taking bay’at?


Assalaamu Alaikum,

Bay’ah means to take a pledge or taking an oath of allegiance.

Based on the traditions of the Prophet (SAS), it is evident that Sahabahs (RA) took bay’ah from the Prophet (SAS) for different reasons.

They took Bay’ah to pledge allegiance to him, accepting him to be the final messenger of Allah and to follow the guidelines given to them, they also took bay’ah upon migration, upon struggling in the path of Allah, upon adherence to the pillars of Islam, upon steadfastness in the battlefield, upon adherence of the Sunnah, upon avoidance of bidah, etc. etc.

Based on the fact that taking bay’ah from someone is allowed, our scholars (scholars of the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah) have stated that it is permissible for one to take bay’ah from a person for the sake of the protection and preservation of his deen, and for his self reformation.

In taking Bay’ah, one makes a promise to obey Allah and follow the Prophet (SAS). He promises to do that which is right and refrain from haram. This is basically the essence of taking Bay’ah

When one wishes to take bay’ah, he should look for a genuine and reliable scholar whose life is lived in accordance to the teachings of the Holy Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet (SAS), who stays away from the prohibited, and does not indulge in sins and detestable actions. He should look for someone with whom he can relate continuously and consult with this person on all matters so that he can continue to live his life fully in accordance to the blessed teachings of Islam. Being attached to such a person makes this a good environment for the person, which in itself is one on the best ways of encouragement to a person. Having such an environment by being in the companionship, or having an association with the pious and religious persons is very important for the believers, as Allah Has stated:-

‘O you who believe, be with the truthful ones’.

The reason that Allah has asked us to be with the truthful ones is that we may develop a love for truth and we will become like the truthful ones. In the same manner, when we develop an association, attachment and companionship with the pious and religious person, then we will develop a love for this, and Insha Allah, we will one day be judged form amongst them.

Many of our reliable scholars of the present time have mentioned that it is important for one to have continuous association with a pious and religious person, especially in our times, so that this will be a means of keeping a person on the path of goodness and will help him to refrain from sinful deeds.

And Allah knows best,
Mufti Waseem Khan


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