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Nikah with Shia or Nikah-e-Misyar – نکاح مسیار

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Jamia Binoria

do i get marriage with shia girl(asna ashri) ? if the parents of girl wants shia nikkah so can i do? can i do nikkah again as sunni sect after shia nikkah? do i manage this marriage as MISYAR i listen it at saudia arabia
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salam and thanks for ur reply of my question (serial no.5803 fatwa no.40846 dated 1/28/2009) but one part of my quistion is still remain i asked about missyar i heared it at saudia arabia in last year ( i was in jaddah for job) 1-can i do misyar with any women ?( by which fiqa) i m by birth hanafi 2-can i do misyar with shia girl instead of nikkah (you have refused nikkah with shia girl) 3-what is tha difference b/w misyar and muta(by shias’) because now a days im intersting in a girl who belongs to shia sect and she doesn’t agree to convert sunni hanafi but it not possible me to left him ( i heared that we also can do nikkah with ahele kitaab i.e Christ or jew etc) so why not i can do nikkah with shia girl please give answer on ur earliest ALLAH HAFIZ

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

Let it be known that Maslak of Shi’a is divided into many groups and sects and many of which, due to their explicit and clear doctrine and concepts of Kufr are undoubtedly Kafir and are out from the fold of Islam. And one of which is Isna Ashariya sect as well. Therefore until such time they shun away the doctrine of Kufr and make Thowba and come back to the fold of Islam, it is not permissible at all for a boy of Sunni Aqa’id to enter into marriage contract with them and it is necessary to refrain from it.

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