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Income of a university lecturer

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Assalamu alikum, I am living in the UK. I am working for college as a lecturer currently and looking to move into unviersity. I am qualified to a doctorate level and can work in a university level. The universities in the Uk gets most of their income (approxiamtely 50% plus) from students. Most of… read more »

Source of income of clients

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Assalam o alaikum. May Allah reward you for your service. I live in Melbourne, am working in a IT company(who is partner of global computer manufacturer like HP, Lenovo, Microsoft  as hardware engineer. My job is to repair computers in our clients(only schools and aged cares). Usually when any faulty computer comes to us for… read more »

Working as a Finance Professor

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Asalamualaikum, I am Working as Finance Professor in India. I have to Teach the Advantages of Loan and Interest as it is given in the Syllabus and Loan is the Cheapest Source of Finance and Tax Deduction is Allowed on Payment of Interest. I Also Teach Accounts in Which I had to… read more »

My parents do not want me to get married

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Assalamualaikum. I am a guy from India planning to pursue my higher studies abroad inshaAllah. I am however afraid that I will fall into fitnah (women) when I go to the university. Hence I strongly wish to get married before going for my studies. Though I have not talked to my parents yet about the… read more »

Husband mistreating the wife

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Assalam o alikum . I’m 35 Years old lady with two young kids , from UK. I’m very desperate as my husband really hates me and keeps every kind of discomfort for me. Tell wrong and bad things about me to his family and other relatives about me, they in return only let me down… read more »

Working in a HR department of a Bank

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I have been offered the role of Benefits, Renumeration and Analytics Manager in the HR department of a bank in Qatar. The role would mainly involve assigning respective salaries to employees based on their performance and merit. I did some research and found that the bank deals in interest based transactions. Please let me… read more »

Job as cabin crew

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I am really interested in working as a male cabin crew in an airlines. And airlines generally require cabin crew to be clean shaven. My question is if at all I commit a sin by shaving for the purpose of the job, will my income be haram? Or will it be halal whist I engage… read more »