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What is the status of 15th night of Sha’ban شب برات in Islam?

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Jamia Binoria

What is the status of Shab e Bara’ath (15th night of Sha’ban) in Islam? Does Allah really take account of everybody as to how much Rizq to be allocated etc. etc..? Why does Shab e Bara’ath be celebrated? Waiting for your reply. Please answer me in detail.

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

It is impossible to reject the virtues of this night due to the following Hadees and other narrations similar to this. It is understood from some other narrations that this is the night where decision is made on important matters such as death, birth and Rizq (sustenance) etc. of the year’s duration by Allah and handed over to the angels. Also the Benevolent Master pays his attention towards His slaves in particular and forgives them (in this night). Apparently due to this reason it is also called Shab e Bara’ath.
However, in spite of all this, there is no special Ibadath mentioned for this night and this is the night of individual Ibadath. Whatever Ibadath that could be performed well with convenience should not be missed and should refrain from other useless activities.

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