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The Sunnah and Recommended Practices of ‘EĪd Al-Fiṭr

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Mathabah.org
By Mathābah Scholars

Night Before ‘EĪd

  • Qiyām [night vigil prayers]

  • Staying awake some portion of the night in doing righteous actions

The ‘EĪd Day

  • Reciting the takbīr (Allāhu Akbar, Allāhu Akbar, Lā ilāha Ilallah, Allāhu Akbar Wa lillāhil Ḥamd)

  • Taking a shower or full bath

  • Using the siwāk (tooth stick)

  • Wearing the best clothes available

  • Applying perfume

  • Eating something before proceeding to the place of ‘EĪd prayer

  • Discharging the Sadaqat Al-Fiṭr prior to ‘EĪd prayer

  • Raising the voice while reciting the takbīr

  • Adopting different routes when going to and returning from the ‘EĪd prayer

  • Preferred to choose a place of prayer that is in an open field

  • Proceeding to the ‘EĪd prayer with family

  • Encouraging women and children to also join the ‘EĪd prayer

  • Avoid performing any voluntary (nafl) prayers before the ‘EĪd prayer

  • Performing the ‘EĪd prayer

  • Listening to the ‘EĪd sermon after the ‘EĪd prayer

  • Conveying ‘EĪd greetings to people by saying ‘taqabbal minnā wa minkum’ (may Allāh accept [the acts of obedience] from you and I)

  • Enjoying the day socializing with family and friends with some light entertainment or with any permissible activities


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