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Using Contraceptives to Delay Menses Due to Pilgrimage or Ramaḍān

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Mathabah.org
Answered by Shaykh Yūsuf Badāt


For women, if our menses are anticipated to fall or coincide during Ḥajj/ ‘Umrah or the last ten days of Ramaḍān, is it okay to use contraceptives or take pills to delay our cycle so we can pray, make ṭawāf and fast on those days?


In the Name of Allāh, Most Merciful, Most Compassionate

Thank you/ Jazāk Allāh Khayr for your question.

In such situations, it is advisable to consult medical experts. If they assure you that there would be no adverse side effects due to artificially delaying the menstruation, then it would be permissible otherwise not.

The medicine in itself obviously must be ḥalāl suitable.

ʿAbd Allāh Ibn ʿOmar (may Allāh be pleased with him) was asked about a woman who takes medication to pause her menses for the purpose of pilgrimage. He did not have an objection to it, in fact he advised [the women] to use a particular organic herb [for this purpose]. (Hadiyat Al Sālik Ilā Madhāhib Al-ʿArbaʿah Fī Al-Manāsik)

And Allāh Knows Best

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