Regulations for Women During Ramaḍān Regarding Food Tasting, Children, I’etikāf and Tarāwīḥ

Answered according to Hanafi Fiqh by
By Shaykhah Omm Obaidullah

Fiqh of Food Tasting

  • Tasting food does not invalidate the fast, as long it is not swallowed.

  • Tasting food should be avoided, it is only to be done if there is a need for it;


  • Fasting is not mandatory on children who have not reached the age of puberty

  • Fasting can be encouraged for children


  • Women may do i`tikāf (spiritual retreat) in a designated place in their houses as agreed by scholars of fiqh. If there are separate arrangements in a masjid for women, it is permitted according to some jurists.

  • While in I’tikāf at home, one is permitted to also engage in family duties and other necessary responsibilities

  • Unnecessary worldly activity should be avoided


  • Tarāwīḥ is also a confirmed Sunnah for women. 20 rakaʿahs according to majority traditional scholars of fiqh. Pray as many rakaʿahs as one can.

  • The appropriate place for women to offer Tarāwīḥ is in the home. If they attend the congregation in the masjid, it is also permissible.

  • Tarāwīḥ is offered in sets of two rakaʿ Any Qurʾānic recitation one knows by heart can be recited in tarāwīḥ prayers. It is preferred to not recite or follow along by looking inside the Quran (even though this is permitted by some jurists). Keeping a sequence in recitation is recommended.

  • The time for Tarāwīh is from after ishā prayer to just around suḥūr time.


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