I want to know very important matter for me which is Umari Qaza salah. How can I perform the Umari Qaza salah for about approximately 25 years? And can I perform these qaza salah any time and at a time all. For understandings, can I perform all Fajr prayer umari qaza salah at night time after Isha and can I perform 200 times of Umari qaza Fajr salah at a time? And like all other times (Zuhr, Asar, Maghrib, Isha ) umari qaza salah – Can I perform Isha salah Umari qaza 100 times at day time? Could you please make me clear by sufficient information and knowledge. And for umari qaza salah, do I need to perform the sunnat-e-muwakkadah salah for all times? And specially for Fajr times, do I need to perform umari qaza from 2 rakat sunnah?

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