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Bad luck and misfortune in Islam

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Q: Some friend of mine told me about three things which has an effect on a persons life. 1. House/land. 2. Wife 3. Horse/vehicle These three things can affect the owner in his personal development. It may prosper his life or it may downgrade him or no development. Does it really have any effect of… read more »

Wife asking for khula

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Q: My wife and I had a couple of rough months and two days ago she asked me for a khula by saying: “I want to do a khula” I asked her if she was sure two times and asked her why, she said “I am tired of your personality and of living with you”… read more »

Aqeeqah of few people in a cow

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Q: I want to do aqeeqa of my two sisters, two daughters, one son and wife .Can I do all aqeeqa in one big animal such as a cow, bull and what will be the share for males and female.  A: It will be permissible in a big animal. And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows… read more »