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Q: I read about the Islamic ruling that a man should not touch his mother-in-law, and if he does that, his relationship with his wife will forever become haraam. I am very conscious about this. Today I visited my in-laws with my wife and I was very conscious about it more than before. My mother-in-law… read more »


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Q: My father has passed away and left 1 wife and 3 daughters. His parents and all his sibling had passed away in his lifetime. My father has 2 nephews from his brothers. I want to know that my father has 1 house, 1 car and 2 bank accounts. My father bought a house with a… read more »

Arranged marriages

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Q: If a non Muslim asks us how can we just marry someone we don’t know, like without speaking to the person or only seeing them once and then deciding that’s the person you want to spend your life with, whats a good answer to give? A: The simple answer is that experience shows that… read more »