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Respected mufti saheb please help me with the following: 1. Please can you explain in as much detail as possible all the differences between mani and mazi such as colour stickiness etc 2. Sometimes upon awakening i do not feel any wetness but notice a very small bit of whiteness on my clothes which is… read more »

Pigs skin

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Assalamualykumcould you please advice me on what to do as i have bought a pair of shoes and after wearing them a few times i had been told by a family member that the inside of the shoes, not just the insole but all the sides inside the shoes is also made out of pig… read more »


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assalamualaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu respected mufti sahib this topic is abit unmodest but me and my friends are confused about it because we remember reading in behesti zewar that after a person has a wetdream and they ejaculate semen then ghusl becomes wajib on them, but then we read somewhere else that if after one remembers… read more »