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Catching Jinns

Answered by Askimam.org

          i want too know how to get a jinnah by wazifa and want is required for it how many days and name of wazifa  Answer In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullāhi wa-barakātuh.   Our purpose in… read more »

Durood e Taj and Tunjjina

Answered by Askimam.org

  1) I want to know if it is permissible to recite Durood E Tunajjina and Durood E Taj. 2) What are the benefits of reciting the wazifa “Bismillah hir Rahman Nir Raheem” 1000 times daily. Is it true that it is known as the King of all Wazifas?   … read more »

How to do a special ‘wazifa’?

Answered by Askimam.org

  i have a question about the wazifa of “ayat karima”. Ive searched several times trough the www but couldnt find an answer. I would like to know, how to start end end the 125.000x recitation of this beautiful ayat in a right way. i would like to know: 1. Before… read more »

I have to marry a guy against my choice

Answered by Askimam.org

  1)      Is it permissible to make dua that Allah Subhana Watala I have been forced to this nika on my engagement as You know wedding is not happen yet So please Allah Subhana Watala help me to getting marry with a boy I want and I Promised that I will not contact him until… read more »

Wazifah and Jinns

Answered by Askimam.org

  1) “I saw this on Internet  Whoever says Bismimllah 21 times before falling asleep . Allah tells the angels to write down a good deed for every breath he takes.” Is there any source for this action?   2) There has been talk about the beings called “Binn,” which have been described as living… read more »