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White discharge

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A woman prayed Maghrib salah, and then immediately afterwards began performing the two rak’ah sunnah salah. During the sunnat prayer, she felt that she has had white discharge. After finishing the sunnah, she checked her clothing and confirmed that there was indeed a discharge. Does she also have to repeat her fard salah, despite her… read more »


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Asalaam u laykam i just wanted to know, i heard that for a woman to use a tamponb in islam is Haraam is this true? because you meantioned to use 1 in one of the answerz as shown below (Such a woman should insert a tampon, pad etc. This will help to absorb the discharge…. read more »

Stopping Discharge

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Salaams, I get discharge sometimes every 30 mins, sometimes every hour. I understand that I have to do wudhu before every salaat and if I am 100% sure I get discharge during salaat then I have to break salaat and repeat it but if I am doubtful then I can continue praying. However, can I… read more »


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Assalamu alaykum My question is regarding istihaza in the form of vaginal discharge. If a woman frequently discharges, yet at times can not tell when it happens, would it be sufficient for her to perform wuzu at the beginning of each namaz time? (Although the discharge is not so continuous that she does not even… read more »

Women normally get a yellowy discharge throughout the wudhu broken whenever she gets it?

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salams women normally get a yellowy discharge throughout the wudhu broken whenever she gets it? jazakallah wassalam Answer Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem Al Jawaab Billahit-Tawfeeq *Among the factors that break Wudhu, is anything that leaves the body through the excretory organs. This includes, stool, urine, or any other matter. The discharge that is normal for… read more »