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Validity of marriage

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My question was that a nikah done in secrecy for any necessary condition with just the boy and girl (both sane, free and adult) at one place in one room and while no one else is present in the room & the witnesses are over the phone valid? Regarding the matter I have contacted other… read more »

Validity of Nikah done casually.

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Question: “We would have looked crazy on your wedding day” he said to me on text message and I replied “what you mean?? Ours??” And he replied “if we did” this was on text message and was read allowed Infront of and to men on my side and his side (he said he read to… read more »

Life Insurance in Islam

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Answered by Shaykh Yusuf Badat Question: Is life insurance permitted in Islam? Answer: Jazakumullahu Khayran/ Thank you for your question. Islamically, life insurance is prohibited due to the elements of interest, gambling and future uncertainty. In almost all insurance cases, the insured who pays the premiums either receives no amount or more than the amounts… read more »

Concealing one’s marriage

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Q: If a woman gets divorced, keeps it a secret, and then gets married again secretly. Her second marriage is done without her guardian but in the presence of two witnesses and it is not announced. After some time, she reveals this secret only to her children. They keeps this secret for almost 8-9 years… read more »

Witnesses in nikaah

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Q: Regarding nikah witnesses on Ask Imam website it states: The wakeel represents the bride in the presence of the two witnesses who must be trustworthy and pious male Muslims. They should not be from among the girls ascendants e.g. father, etc. nor from her descendants, e.g. son, etc. Could you please explain the… read more »