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What is the meaning of the following surat in the quran – surat 7:verse 205 “And remember your lord by your tongue and within yourself,humbly and in awe ,without loudness”

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Answer Firstly, the translation of the Aayat is, ‘And Remember your Lord within yourself’. The words, ‘by your tongue.’ do not feature in this Aayat. Mufti Shaafi (RA) writes in the commentary of this verse that Allah Ta’ala has shown us three methods of Dhikr: a) Dhikr Qalbi: The tongue doesn’t move but the heart… read more »

Changing from Hanaafi to Shaafi?

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Assalamulaykum. I am currently following the Shaafi madhab. I am going to be married soon- Inshaalah, my future husband is Hanaafi. Is it possible to become a Hanaafi? Answer Bismillah Al-jawab billahi at-taufeeq (the answer with Allah’s guidance) Marriage is something that requires compatibilty and understanding, we advise that both husband and wife adopt the… read more »