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Can I marry my father’s second wife?

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I am in a relationship with a woman who was supposed to be my father’s second wife. My father divorced her a long time back and now I have an intimate relationship with her. We both want to get married now. I wanted to know whether we can marry each other according to the Shari’āh… read more »

He told me that because they didn’t go to the court personally, he’ll have to pay to get a new ID in which her name will be logically erased and it will say divorced instead of married. Can you please tell me if this is valid? He has divorced her by saying “talaq” three times…

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My boyfriend has been married before. He & his (now) ex-wife were married at home only in the presence of an Imam and 2 male witnesses. They later left for Europe, where they apparently had to marry again due to the foreign country’s law. However they got divorced, according to him they have a legal… read more »

I know i’m not strong enough to be in a polygamy marriage. He refuses to divorce me. Can he refuse divorce under these circumstances and can he take a second wife even if it will cause me harm emotionally and cause harm to my marriage to him if he doesn’t divorce me?

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I’m married for just under a year. Before my husband married me, he knew i was not a virgin. I regret commiting this sin and i made tawbah and repentence for what i did. I changed my life and my ways and became a better person before i met my husband. When my husband decided to… read more »