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Girl consenting to marriage

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Q: A girl is not a virgin and was married previously. This is her second marriage. When talking about her marriage with mother, the girl said something that her mother understands that her daughter wants to marry. Her father then performed her nikaah without the daughter present. A few days after nikaah, the boy and… read more »

Written Talaaq

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Q: I had a second marriage recently on 31 Jan. I had no relationship with my wife till now because I got to know that she had not taken proper talaq from her first husband. Talaq is just on a plain paper written by her husband that I give u talaq. There there is no… read more »

Disowning one’s children

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Q: I’m a mum and my daughter went to marry a guy behind our backs and it’s her second marriage. We were not happy about it but she says that she’s very happy. She only told me this yesterday and her father doesn’t even know yet and I’m very worried what he’s reaction will be…. read more »

Ostensive civil divorce

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Mufti Saab, InshaAllah Ta’ala I will be looking to get a second wife fromPakistan. The thing is I want to dissolve my legal marriage in Canada. Mywife is aware of me getting my second marriage. If i file for a civil divorcewill it effect my Shari Nikkah in any way?These are the forms: give… read more »