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Joining the Imam after Ruku’.

Answered by Fatwa-TT.ccom

Question Asalaamu Alaikum. You have stated in a previously that if a person makes Ruku’ after the Imam raises his head from Ruku’ then his Ruku is counted and his Salah is valid. This will mean that if a person joins the congregation when the Imam is in Ruku but does not go directly into… read more »

Removing impurity from garments.

Answered by Fatwa-TT.ccom

Question: If a drop of urine falls on innerwear/underwear due to cough or some pressure, do I need to change it before salah? or is it enough to wipe with wet tissue/cloth 3 times?   Its given that light physical impurity less than 3cm can be excused. If it is the case, how do we purify… read more »

Judging people performing salaah

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Q: I pray in the female prayer room in the university I go to, so there’s usually a lot of people around me praying with me. Unfortunately, my brain keeps focusing on their salah and judging how they pray, instead of focusing on my own salah and my own mistakes. It’s a terrible habit I have… read more »