Shafi'i Fiqh

Collecting the Financial Claims of Doctors in return for a Certain Percentage

We are about collecting the financial claims of doctors due on insurance companies and hospitals in return for a certain percentage from the collected sums. It is worth noting that these sums are known and specified in lists at the disposal of hospitals and doctors. The collecting mechanism is as follows: First: Printing the names of the doctor`s patients in a list which includes his fees on each case. Second: Collecting the sums due to the doctor based on these lists. Third: Collecting the due sums from hospitals in one payment, or multiple payments on basis of the above lists , and after obtaining a written authorization from the doctor in question.What is the ruling of Sharia on this issue ?

Shafi'i Fiqh

Ruling on Taking Back a Study Grant if the Student Violated its Conditions

A government body grants M.A and Ph.D. grants to distinguished students in Jordan, and these cover registration and credit hours fees. This is in addition to offering them salaries in return for dedicating their time and effort in studying. They do not have to repay these funds as long as they honor the conditions stipulated in the grant`s agreement, and some of these conditions are: a student must maintain an excellent mark record, and in case he/she fails to do so, then he/she must give back all of the paid funds in addition to a 50% of the total sum as a fine. What is the ruling on repaying the funds of the grant in case of failure to honor the conditions stipulated in the agreement, and what is the ruling on paying 50% from the total as a fine ?

Shafi'i Fiqh

Are Staff Rotating Savings and Credit Association Included under the Sharia Maxim “Every Loan which Attracts Benefit is Riba/Usury”?

What is the ruling of Sharia on staff rotating savings and credit association? In other words, a group of employees would contribute a set sum of money every month so that each one of the group receives the total sum of the group's contributions. For example, ten employees agree that each pays 100 JDs per month for ten months, then one of them receives the total of 1000 JDs at the end of each month till all of them have taken that same sum. Is this included under the Sharia maxim: "Every loan that attracts benefit is Riba/Ususry"?