Shafi'i Fiqh

It isn`t Permissible for a Motor Dealership to Facilitate Sale Transactions for Customers Via Riba-Based Banks

We are a motor dealership. 90% of our sale transactions are conducted via Riba-based banks. We fax the paper work to different banks, mostly Riba-based, until we get an approval for funding from one of them. It is worth pointing out that we aren`t liable in case the customer failed to make payment on time. When the bank approves the funding, it makes claim on the car as security for payment of loan. Is this lawful or not? Are we liable for anything before Almighty Allah?

Shafi'i Fiqh

Is it Prohibited to Stand by a Friend-who is a Thief-for Guidance?

A friend of mine has suffered a financial crisis, so he took a certain sum from the money under his custody to make up for the loss. However, he lost that sum too, so he stole a larger sum and fled the country. Unfortunately, he came to the country I work in. He was very sorry for what he had done and I tried to convince him to give the money back, but he insisted on investing that money to give it back later. His family keeps begging me to stand by him and guide him to the right course of action. Every time he invites me to lunch, I pay the bill to avoid eating food paid for from ill-gotten money. However, he paid for lunch twice. What is the ruling on my standing by him for guidance and the two instances in which he paid for the lunch?