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Are sythetic alcohol and Kosher foods permitted?

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Assalamualakum, respected Mufti. I have several questions: 1.) Is it permissible to consume sythetic alcohol as by eating it? I wish to take an Erythromycin antibiotic orally that contains sythetic alcohol, is it permissible? 2.)I reside in the United States; here, a company called IFANCA certifies Halal products. Would it be permissible if I consumed… read more »

What is the difference between deobandis, wahabis and barelvies in the indian subcontinent.Please give a detailed reply to this and how did they originate.

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1. You have said that toys having animated pictures eg. teddy bear; are not allowed. I have heard that hadrath aisha(ra) played with a doll when she was small. Is this incident true? If yes then are dolls allowed. 2. Can the dead see women naked? (If they visit the grave with hijaab and are… read more »