Qurbani for Newborn Baby

Q. If we do Qurbani for our newborn baby, do we get sawaab? A: The Sunnah sacrifice for a newborn baby is the Aqeeqah. Aqeeqah is the sacrifice of one sheep or one portion of a cow for a girl and two sheep or two portions of a cow for a boy, if one can afford it. If...

Qurbani and Cutting Nails and Hair

Q: A person who intends making qurbani forgot to cut his hair and nails before the 1st of dhil hijjah. If he waits till after he sacrifice his animal it will be more than 40 days long. What should he do? A: He should cut his nails and hair immediately because to allow...

Qurbani Before Eid Salaah

Q: Is it permissible to make Qurbani before the Eid Salaah?From Ihyaaud Deen. This entry is part 4 of 16 in the series Qurbani MasaailA: It is not permissible to make Qurbani before the Eid Salaah in the city. However, in the villages or farms (where Eid salaah does...

Skins of Qurbani Animals

Q: What must one do with the skins of the animals of qurbani? A: One can treat it and keep it for personal use. One can also give it to the poor. If one sells it then the money must be given to the poor. Original Source Link

Minimum Age for Qurbaani Animals

Q: What are the minimum ages of the animals that can be slaughtered for qurbani according to the shaafee mazhab? A: A camel must be 5 years or older. A cow must be 2 years or older. A sheep must be 1 year or older. If the sheep is 6 months and its front teeth has...

Qurbani for Deceased

Q: Is Qurbani on behalf of dead persons on Eid Ul Adha allowed?A: One is allowed to make Qurbani for the deceased. Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi wa Sallam advised Sayyidina Ali (Radhiyallaahu Anhu) to make Qurbani for him (Rasulullah) after his demise. (Abu Dawood V3...

Ladies Attending Qurbani

Q: Did Sahaabiyah (female companions) or Ummahaatul Mu'mineen (wives of the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) take part in or performe Qurbani?A: I could not find mention of them actually performing the Qurbani. 'Took part' is very vast. I found a narration in Abu...

Female and Qurbani

Q. Is it incumbent upon a single (divorced) female to perform Qurbani?A: Being a female or divorced does not exempt one from Qurbani if the conditions of Qurbani becoming compulsory are present. (Raddul Muhtaar V26 P208) Original Source Link

Cow less than Two Years for Qurbani

Q: If A person slaughterd a cow less then two years old what must he do?A: The cow will be halaal to eat but will not be valid for qurbani.This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Original Source Link