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Is it premissible to teach quran,and taking fees.we found a prepaid mobile card is it premissable to use it or not,if we use it and gave the that money to the begger,in mosque or in mudrassah is it ok

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Now a days every qari & in mudarassah they are taking fees for teaching Quran, is it premissible or not..is the fees are halal or haram.2)i found a prepaid mobile card is it ok to use it and gave this miney to begger or mosque. Answer 1. It is permissible for a person teaching Qur?aan… read more »

Did the following actually happen or was it dream of Rasullulah ? when the Prophet saw that his Lord put His hand between his shoulders, he honored that place with the extremity of the turban.

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Can you please explain the following Hadith InShaAllah. Qari and Munawi also quote Ibn al-Qayyim as relating that his sheikh Ibn Taymiyya had told him a beautiful thing, namely, that when the Prophet saw that his Lord put His hand between his shoulders, he honored that place with the extremity of the turban. This is… read more »

Please could you answer the following question.

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As-Salaam-u-alaikum, At my local mosque i have noticed that every time the prophets(pbuh) name is mentioned, some people kiss there thumbs then bring their thumbs to their eyes. Could you please explain why they do this? Is there some hadith which mentions this because i have never come across it? Is it recommended that muslims… read more »

I have seen a compilation of certain selected Ayats from the Qur’an, published in a book titled “Manzil”. Please explain if it’s proper to do so.

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If so, why these Ayats were the only one’s selected, and when and by whom this was done. Some regard this as Bidah. Answer The Manzil is compiled by a renowned Muhaddith, Shaykhul Hadith Mawlana Muhammad Zakariyyah (RA). Such compilations of Du’aas, etc. have also been compiled by many Ulama in the past, for example,… read more »

I like to know if keeping names like Abdul-Barelwi,Abdul-Khomeni,Abdul-Asad,Abdul-Shams,Abdul-Najm etc. allowed in Islam / Shariah ?

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Mufti Sahib, Some people argue it is allowed to keep names like Abdul-Muhammad, Abdul-Ahmad, Abdul-Abbas, Abdul-Hussain, Abdul-Gibril, Abdul-Mikhail, Abdul-Keller, Abdul-Raza, Abdul-Harut,Abdul-AbuHanifah et. al. !!(1) My question is: Are such names allowed in Islam? What have the scholars said about it. Kindly please quote the scholars who have allowed/disallowed it with their evidence. (2) Did any… read more »

Suyuti, Qadi Ayad, Ali Qari, Abdul Haq, Shah Waliullah all say that the Prophet is Haadir wa Naadir. The above Ulema believe that the Prophet is Omnipresent.

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The above Ulema believe that the Prophet is Omnipresent, so why do people shout ‘Shirk’ when Muslims talk about Haadir wa Naadir? There are many other Ulema but I thought I’d just name a few to start with. Jazak Allah. Answer Haazir (Omnipresent) and Naazir (Omniseeing) are the sole attributes of Allah. No human being… read more »