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Azaan and iqaamat for qadhaa salaah

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Q: Is it imperative to recite azaan followed by iqaamat when performing qadhaa salaats? Does this also apply when performing several qadhaa salaats one after the other at the same time? If for many years one did not recite azaan and iqaamat when performing qadhaa salaats, are one’s salaats valid? A: It is sunnat. It… read more »

The Law of a Saahib-e-Tarteeb

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Q: If a person omits salaah intentionaaly and does not pray it at the prescribed time, can he pray it as qazaa at the time of the next salaah or when the time of that prayer is finished? A: If a person is a Saahib-e-Tarteeb, then he should first perform the Qadhaa Salaah, after which he… read more »

How do I make an intention for a qadha fast?

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when a person does qadha for the fast of ramadhan, it says that you have to make an intention in the night before “subhe-saadiq”  so in the intention, do you say, I’m making qadha today or you say tomorrow? because the intention is for a qadha that will start after subhe-saadiq, so after subhe-saadiq,… read more »

Kaffaarah for perpetual vow

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Asalam-o-Alaikum, During 2010 in my Dua, I said this way “O Allah (SWT) please help me in getting promoted to a post of Operation Manager, and then said if I will be promoted as Operation Manager I will offer 2 Rakat Nawafil e Shukrana everyday till I remain Operation Manager”. But unfortunately afterwards… read more »