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Darul Iftaa Mahmudiyyah – Zambia

Qadha for missed salaah and fasts

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Q: What is the method for qadhaa namaaz and fasting? A: One should as far as possible make qadha of the missed salaahs as quickly as possible. He should try and offer several qadha salaahs in one salaah time. If one remembers the exact date of the qadha salaahs then the niyyat should be specified… read more »

Qadha of sunnah i’tikaaf

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Q: Please explain how will one need to make qadha of his sunnah itikaaf. A: One will observe one day of itikaaf from sunset of one day to the sunset of the next with the intention of qadhaa itikaaf. One will also have to fast for that day. And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows best…. read more »

Qadhaa of sunnah salaahs

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Q: Does one have to make qadhaa of sunnah salaah? For example, if a person misses the sunnah salaah for Zuhr, and performs ‘Asr, should he perform the qadhaa of Zuhr sunnats? A: No. However, the four sunnat-e-muakkadah of zuhr should be read after the two sunnats of zuhr if they were missed. And Allah… read more »

Re-entering the fold of Islam

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Q: 1. A person at work renounced Islam. After 6 months, through the grace of Allah, he entered into the fold of Islam again. He is now asking me what is the ruling regarding the following: – His rewards and sins of the past – His qadhaa salaah before renouncing Islam – His zakaat 2…. read more »