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Is it jaiz for a male to teach a ghair mahram how to properly read Qur’an (not recite melodiously) from behind a pardah?

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Assalamu ‘Alaikum Mufti Sahib, also is it compulsory to have a partition (pardah) separating males and females at a gathering where both Muslims and non-Muslims are present? We want to hold an event for da’wah on a university campus. Jazakallah khair. Sorry for asking 2 questions. Answer 1. Even though a male may teach females… read more »

Relationship with non-practising Muslims

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Assalamoalaikum We know sum families who r not practising Purdah,whereas we observe the rules of Hijab in n outside our house.We have felt that because of our strict adherence to Hijab n no mix sitting of men n women these good friens r avoiding us.We have told them the Importance of Hijab many times but… read more »

1) is covering the face restricted to Iddah period only, 2) what is the Sharai’ ruling on a person who ridicules the Islamic dress code? or any other ‘fundamental’ of Islam?

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a) some people in our house consider face veiling (and purdah in general) from ghair mahrams to be restricted to Iddah period only, is this correct? b) what is the Sharai’ ruling on a person who ridicules the Islamic dress code? or any other ‘fundamental’ of Islam? c) is it permissible to greet ghair mahram… read more »

My maternal grandmother wants to leave her house to my two cousins, without considering my unmarried aunt.(mother’s sister) My aunt is a spinster, and has cancer.

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My aunt needs a place to stay as she has nobody. She can’t live with her sister and nephews, and the nephews (my cousins) are married, and have their own children. The house is not big, and my elder aunt is very troublesome. She causes fights and makes life unbearable for everyone in the family…. read more »