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Father kissing his son with lust

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Q: If a father hugs and kisses his son with lust. ( Son was sleeping at that time) 1. Will this nullify the father’s marriage with the son’s mother? The son is young and did not reached the age of  puberty. 2. Will this establish hurmat e musaharah? A: 1. No. He should make immense… read more »

Is zakaat waajib on children?

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Q: 1. How much percent from one’s earnings or savings has to be paid for zakaat? 2. Is zakaat obligatory on one who does not work, such as kids, who have savings from their pocket money or other ways? 3. When is zakaat due to be paid, before Ramadhaan or during Ramadhaan? A: 1. Zakaat… read more »

Distributing inheritance equally

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Q: Is it permissible to distribute a will equally to keep unity in the family. We are 4 brothers 2 sisters. We want to share the money equally, can we? A: The inheritance will have to be distributed according to the laws of Shariah. To distribute the estate equally is impermissible and a grave sin…. read more »

Reaching the age of Buloogh

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Q: I am doing research for a Madrasah assignment and would like to know: 1. What is the status of adolescence in Islam? 2. What is the Islamic law regarding adolescence and dealing with the opposite gender? 3. What advice should be given to adolescents? A: 1. When you become of age, like puberty then… read more »