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I am torn with guilt because my father asked me to come see him 2 months before he passed away ,I did not come and when I did was too late. I need to know that he forgives me, can he hear me?

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Or is there a dua that I can say and ask Allah to let him know? Is it okay to play the azaan if it is not prayer time? Answer 1) There is a saying in Arabic- The real value of a bounty is appreciated only after it disappears. Allah has bestowed us with parents…. read more »

I have stopped attending the Asr Jamaat at the masjid, because of uncertanity in my mind about difference in Asr salaat times between Hanafi and Shaafi’ee, Maliki, and Hanabali Madhabs.

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While I understand and accept the answers provided, a simple Yes/No would clearify the following question: Can a follower of Hanafi Madhab call adhaan and/or lead Asr salaat according to prayer times of Shaafi?ee, Maliki, or Hanabali Madhab? My main reasons for re-submitting the question are: 1. The Imam of our local Masjid is Hanafi… read more »

1. Is it correct that the prayer times for Hanafi & Shaafi madaahib differ ONLY for Aasar salaat?

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The other day, while surfing the internet, I did a little research of prayer times according to Hanafi and Shaafi madaahibs. The web-site at http://www.al-islam.com/ lists the following organizations as its source for the calculation method of prayer times: 1. Umm Al-Qura University 2. Muslim World League 3. Egyptian General Authority of Survey 4. University… read more »

Can you tell me what this dua means? allahummaghfirlee yaghafoor…How can I contact the shafi madrasa in south Africa besides emailing them?

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allahummasalli ala sayyidina Muhammadin wa ala ali wa sibihi wassalim. Is it permissible to say sayyidina in the darud sharif according to the shafii madhab and why does the shafi madhab say a different darud sharif ? What madhab does shaikh Riyadh ul haq follow? How can I contact the shafi madrasa in south Africa… read more »


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I have a problem when urinating the drop’s still come out after 15-20 minutes; I use toilet paper there and wash the private part after approx 20 minutes. It is permissible to go outside (out of the house) within this time if I need to? Also if the tissue moves and touches the private part… read more »