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Purpose of Walima

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Q: What is the purpose of Walima? Is it true that the married couple has to consummate the first night after the Nikah (marriage) to fulfill the purpose of Walima? What if they don’t consummate the first night? Would the purpose of Walima be fulfilled? A. The Waleemah feast is Sunnah and not a compulsory… read more »

Wet Dream in Itikaaf

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Q: If a person experiences a wet dream  and releases semen, will Itikaaf break? Or after taking a ghusl (bath) will the Itikaaf be valid? A: During I’tikaaf if one expereinces a wet dream, the i’tikaaf will not break. One should go out immediately to have a ghusl and then come back to continue with… read more »

Who is a Mufti

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Q: Please explain how one becomes a mufti. Is this a specialised field of Islamic studies? Are courses offered in South Africa? A. A person has to first study the full Aalim course and this course is offered by the Darul Ulooms in South Africa and abroad. Thereafter the qualified Aalim takes admission in the Mufti… read more »

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Birthday Celebrations

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Q: Many people view birthday celebrations as not a Bidah (innovation). I see it as an innovation due to the fact that Allah has not ordained it in the Quraan, nor has the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) ever advised us to celebrate it and make a festivity of the day. As there is no… read more »

Iddat and Visiting

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Q: Can a lady who is in iddat go for her grandson’s birthday party, intends going to her sister’s birthday in a few days andgo  for a visit to her son about 20 minutes drive from home? Is this allowed? A. A woman in Iddah is not even allowed to go for Haj or Umrah…. read more »

Salaah Behind an Improperly Dressed Imam

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Q: At our local masjid, there is no regular imam. Often, a different person is appointed close to the time of prayer to lead the prayers. Usually the person will not have a long enough beard and/or will be wearing western clothing. Is it permissible to pray behind them? Am I required to insist that… read more »

Private Marriage and Divorce

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Q: I was in love with a girl. We got our nikah done not in a mosque but privately: I asked her if she would marry me and she said yes. Two of my friends were witnesses at the time when this happened. Couple of month later I gave her one talaq (divorce) but I… read more »

Going to a Further Masjid

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Q: Is it a sin to walk or drive past one masjid to attend salaah at another masjid? The latter masjid being slightly further away. A. It is best to perform Salaah at the Masjid that is nearest to you in your area. If two Masjids are the same distance from your house, preference will… read more »

Lady Wearing Pants for Salaah

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Q: If a women is wearing a shorts or a skirt at home, can she just wear an abaya over that and pray salah or would wearing a pants undeneath be necessary? A: Wearing a pants underneath will be necessary. Mufti Siraj Desai Source