Mufti Siraj Desai

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Trimming and Threading Eyebrows

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Q: Are teenagers and women allowed to trim or thread the eyebrows? A: A lady should not trim her eyebrows, get it trimmed by someone else, nor should she trim the eyebrows of others. The Hadeeth has forbidden these acts and such people have been cursed in the Hadeeth. (Al Bahrur Raa’iq V16 P78) Threading… read more »

Obligation to Marry

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Q: Is it obligatory for women to get married? A: It is not obligatory on either man or woman to marry unless the individual fears he or she will fall into zinaa (adultery); then marriage is obligatory. Otherwise it is a strong sunnah. Mufti Siraj Desai Source

Punishment for Drinking Alcohol

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Q: What is the punishment for drinking alcohol? A: The following appears in a hadith: He who drinks wine, Allah Ta’ala shall not except his salaah for 40 days. If he makes repents, Allah will accept his repentance. If he drinks wine again, Allah shall not accept his salaah for 40 days. If he… read more »

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Pet Euthanasia

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Q: Is mercy killing of animals, by using injections, in case of severe illness and chronic stage, allowed in Islam? In other words, pet euthanasia? A: Pet euthanasia is not allowed in Islam. Make the animal comfortable as possible and let it die a natural death. It will die on its decreed time. We will… read more »

Corn Alcohol

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Q: I recently purchased a bottle of peppermint extract which lists 95% alcohol and peppermint oil as the ingredients. I emailed the manufacturer, and was told they use ‘100% distilled spirit corn alcohol’. I’m not sure if this is still alcohol in its original state or if it has been altered enough for Muslim consumption?… read more »

Objection on Denatured Alcohol

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Q: You have said that denatured alcohol does not contain intoxicating characteristics but that is not a fact. “Denaturing alcohol does not chemically alter the ethanol molecule. Rather, the ethanol is mixed with other chemicals to form an undrinkable solution.” Often methanol is added which is why it is sometimes called methylated spirits. “Denatured alcohol… read more »

Performing Secret Marriage

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Q: I would like to know if it is permissible to make Nikah twice to the same person? We are to be wed at the end of the year. But to safe guard us from any wrong doing and for Allah’s mercy can we perform Nikah now and then again at the end of the… read more »

Stepfather as Mahram

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Q:  My sister remarried, her daughter is now 3. Can her husband (daughter’s step father) be a mahram to her once she is baaligh? A: The daughters of the woman he married are his stepdaughters. He is their Mahram, so when they becomes Baaligh, the law of Hijaab will not apply fully. This means that… read more »

Funeral for Unknown Female

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Q: If a dead body of a female is found, how we can recognize whether she was a Muslim or a non Muslim? A: If one is aware that Muslim women in the area use mehndi, or dress in a certain way, or apply a certain makeup peculiar to Muslims then this could be used… read more »