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Find answers to your Islamic questions by Mufti Zakaria Makada (Hafizahullah), who is currently a senior lecturer in the science of Hadith and Fiqh at Madrasah Ta’leemuddeen, Isipingo Beach, South Africa.

Intention for salaah

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Q: Is the salaah valid if a person makes the intention before salaah in non-arabic, and instead of using the word “Fajr”, he says “morning prayer” or instead of using the word “Maghrib”, he says “evening prayer”? A: If one made a verbal intention before commencing the salaah that he is performing morning prayer or… read more »

Reciting three Quls in the morning and evening

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Q: What is the correct method of practising on this Hadith? Is it three times each? Sayyiduna ‘Abdullah ibn Khubayb (radiyallahu’anhu) reports that Rasulullah (sallallahu’alayhi wasallam) said: ‘…Recite Qul huwallahu Ahad, Qul A’udhu bi Rabbil Falaq and Qul A’udhu bi Rabbin Nas, thrice every morning and evening. It will suffice you for everything.’ (Sunan Abi… read more »

Finding peace in one’s life

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Q: What’s the best Islamic way to get rid of any issue you have? Whatever it maybe. Especially when you don’t have peace? A: We suggest that you refer to a righteous learned experienced shaikh. Commit yourself to his advice and teaching. If you cannot find one straight away then look into the books of… read more »


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URGENT AssalamoAlaikum respected mufti, I have been badly affected by wasawis. I keep getting thoughts that you are sinful this and that.  I keep getting bad wasawis and questionable thoughts. In a day I get about roughly 20-30 wasawis. If I get stuck to one then may be few wasawis in a… read more »