Assalam Alai Kum, I got married in Nov 2004 in India as per my parents choice and moved to USA in Dec 2004 alongwith my husband to stay here.Immediately within 3-4 months of our marriage problems started and now it is such a case that neither of us like each other and are living together with great torture.We always fight a lot and everytime my husband blames me only and always says that am the root cause of all tension in house and he is very innocent and also always he keeps on telling me that I need to see a psychiatrist as am crazy.He is greatly influenced by his elder sisters,two in number back in India who fill his mind with evil whenever they call and speak to him.He hates my family especially my mother and talks extremely bad of her to the extent he uses worst foul words for her,though my mother has in no way harmed him anytime.He dsnt have parents and is from a low economic background and has always been jealous of my possessions and the gifts my family gives me as alhumdulillah my family is very affluent.He restricts me from talking to my parents and also hasnt given me some rights which a wife needs.For example I have no access to his money in USA.He keeps sending money to his sisters though they all are married and well settled in their life.We have a 16 month child and he ill treats the child too.He always warns me that he will remove me from house and keep the child with him as I am alone in US.He also always from beginning has been telling me that he is too handsome for me and am not fair and I look like a servant.I am wheatish colored and not very fair.When we went to India for a visit recently we stayed in his sisters house there he hit me and threatened me also.I want to ask how do I go about taking divorce from this man?My parents have tried all possible solutions till now and nothing has worked.They have spoken to his elders also but to no avail.He & his sister also always accuse my character and says am characterless and cheap though Allah knows well how pure Iam.When i read Quran he always creates loud voice by TV or singing purposely to distract me.He also dsnt like me reading Quran for long time.Now the thing is the environment in our house is very bad.I am unable to tolerate his mean talk anymore and his mental torture as am alone here and he dsnt allow me to talk to anyone.Please advise me how I go about taking divorce.Also I want to ask if I can live separate from him for some months and go back to India so that in that time we both can think calmly?Please advise suitably.

Dear Mufti Sahab, I am mentioning consequences first and then asking few questions as given below. Detail of the affair, as given below: – I had a fight with my wife, within first month of our nikah, till then she didn?t have menses. Which upsets me a lot. She was shouting, and was asking TALAQ from me. I was already in serious depression, because of that fight and was thinking of “Is this, for what I married to this woman”. I was deeply upset and in depression at that time. My wife kept asking me to give her TALAQ and leave her, numerous times during that fight. She kept yelling at me, to put pressure on me. Due to which I thought or I may say, that I decided to give her “3-TALAQ at once”, so that I will not be able to return to her, even if I wish to. I wanted to make her feel the same pain I was feeling that time, after giving her TALAQ. So, that she will be able to return to me or stay with me as a wife, or through giving her shelter in my home and keep her with me and fulfilling her all financial needs, but not touching her at all. But, when I said to her that “I am giving you 3(three) TALAQ at once, so that from now on, you will become haram for me and I could not return to you, neither take your duties as a wife, from this TALAQ you will be an independent woman and can marry any other man, to whom you like”. She immediately got shocked and started crying and telling that she didn’t wanted TALAQ. Instead she was expecting some nice words and supportive behaviour from me. Then, I thought of “what I had done? but in heart I didn’t want to get her back in nikah, even if, it is allowed. So that she has to feel the pain of not getting love, attention, understanding and care of the husband, while living under the same roof. But, the host, in whose home we were staying, told us that it was not TALAQ and TALAQ could not happen in this way. Specially in feeling of aggression, depression or anything, when mind is not in normal state or when man’s saying or behaviour are different from his regular and normal Mood / behaviour. Which seems logical to me. Due to which, I returned to my wife and made sexual contact with her on the same night. And after that day I kept normal physical relation with her. Through which she become pregnant & now she has 6 months of pregnancy. Questions:- 1. Please guide me; do I really gave her TALAQ and will it happened ? 2. Are we still in NIKAH ? Do I permissible to keep normal marital (physical / sexual) relation with my wife ? 3. What if, after that day of the fight giving her TALAQ, I returned to her and kept normal marital (physical / sexual) relations with my wife. Due to which she became pregnant and having pregnancy of 6 (six) months ? 4. What about our soon to born child ? What ALLAH and his prophet SAW says about him ? What is mentioned in the Shariah about the child born due to and under such circumstances ? 5. Due to above act, will ALLAH punish us ? Then what will be his punishment ? How could we both repent to ALLAH for our sin, if it is. So that he forgive us for our ignorance. What ALLAH and his prophet SAW says in QURAN and HADITH ? 6. What will be the rules in Shariah, please answer with full and complete references of QURAN and HADITHS ? 7. Please, Give full and complete references of Quran and Hadiths of all your answers. So, that it will be possible to cross ? check all references you will be giving in this respect. Please publish reply of the above both on your website, so that everybody can see and be clear on such an important and common matter. And also send a reply through email.

Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuhu ! Once my wife’s menses period, I closed to her and done kissing and others except intercourse (I knew that intercourse is strictly prohibited during menses period) and that I felt exciting. After 3 or 4 hours later I grasped /took held of my sister in law (wife‘s sister), she read in class two, age approximately below nine. During that time, when I picking up him, my hand touched her breast and other shame places (note that no physical sign in her body as sex attraction) and that I felt exiting also and I took down him at that time. Few times later, I bow out my urine in the latrine and found moni with urine.Considering the above facts, Please tell me, any effects is to my marriage status under the Islamic Shariah?Jazakallah Kharian

Asslamoalaykum I gave one talaq to my wife by post. She is in india and I m in Australia. now we have realised our mistakes and want to reconcile. I had also sent the mehaer to my wife through western union money transfer but she did not accept it so the money is still with me, now the iddat period will be over in 3-4 weeks. So what will be the procedure to revoke the talaq. Can I revoke it by post? My problem is, I may not be able to go to India before the iddat period gets over. So what will be the procedure to revoke the talaq after the iddat period is over? We will have to perform NIKAH again? Please guide us in this matter as soon as possible. Allah hafiz.

My question is that I pronounced one talaq to my wife as an intention of talaq-e-raja’i that I will make ruju with her until end of three menses but at the same time I decided not to inform her about my intention. Before completing three months I showed her my private part through Skype video and also I saw her breast (not her private part). Unfortunately, I could not make ruju with her in first three menses due to her bad behavior. After 6, months she told me that “the ruju already happened when we saw each other through Skype”. My question is that is it true whatever she said? In fact, I too had the intention of ruju when I was showing her my privet part as I mentioned above but I was in doubt about the validity of Skype camera whether Shariah considers it a real showing or not. Please satisfy me whether I have to make fresh nikah with her to make ruju or I have already made it as my wife says?

Salaam Masnoon, Mufti saheb, I am married women residing with my husband. I have to keep somewhere around 100 rozas (kaza) which is missed due to monthly menses. But now due to my health, household responsibilities and also husbands health its not possible in the current scenario to kaza those 100 rozas. Inshallah if Allah gives me health and strenght in near future I will keep those 100 rozas. But please do let me know of the current situation what should be done. Can i give money to the poor against my rozas. if yes how much. May Allah bless u .

Is there any kaffarah if a man put his private part in the private part of his wife during menstruation? There was no barrier between the private parts. This man has not penetrated inside her but just put it there and ejaculated. At that time, bleeding was not started but the initial signs were start. The kaffarah, if applies, will be for the husband only or for the wife separately. The wife also ejaculated at that time. Now she will immediately get bath or she can wait till her menses ends and then take bath.

My Husband forced me to do not respect parda and forced me as to be a sexy dress and style after marriage in 1996, Then i took divorce in 2001. I had one daugter from him. In 2003 he forced me to remarry or eother he will take out her daughter from her. So my brothers refused and then after full force he said me to remarry in another country as thailand so i remaried him in 2003 and after that he gone away & i never seen him for more than four years, Neither i know he is alive or nor dead. He only did remarriage to give me a big trouble so that i can never marry to other person. But now in 2008 i came to know that he is in a city that i dont know and had married another woman and have childrens. Now i want to marry another person from pakistan and he is on visit of three months only. So please help me that can i take divorce in court but i am not sure about his address and any contact no more. So my court is ready to give me talaq as my judge is acting as representative of my husband in his absence. As a long time is gone and i free from any pregnancy so will i marry to that person of pakistan dierect after divorce Or either i will have to wait for Iddat period but i am already free from pregnancy as he didn’t touched me more for more than fr problem is that the pakistani person is going back to his country and may impossible to come back again. Please help in the light of islamic views. Jazakumullah

Assalamualaikum,Please advise me as i am in trouble,i got married in feb 2009,i live in dubai,from april i was living with my wife in Dubai,she used to tell me that she is scared sometime,but i ignored and used to tell her that dont fear u have to make a habit and all that stuff as she have to stay alone in the house the whole day wile i am in office as we dont have any relatives here,in these 5 month her MC periods got disturbed and were irregular,for wich we went to a doctor and were using the medicine s,we were told by doctor that the period will come in 8 days after starting the medicine and it was the 7th days she didnot checked but the bleeding was just starting and we had intercourse in that without knowing,after that she got mentally disturbed and eventually i left her to hert home in india it seems a jinn asar as advised by many pf the aamils,but i couldnt tell any of them that we had that mistake,is the reason for jinn of mental ndisorder happened bcoz of that mistake please advise she is still not recoverd,wat to do. Regards,

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