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Following a madhab

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Is this compulsory to follow a madhab i.e. Hanafi, Shaafei, Hambali or Maliki? Is some cases rulings differ and what have we to do? Can we follow some from one madhab that we can accept and some from other madhabs which we appear good to us. Is it possible that I can… read more »

Tasbeehat after Salah

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Assalam-o-Alaikum,  Recently I listened a Bayan in which it was taught that those salahs in which Sunnah Muakkada are to be offered (Zuhr, Maghrib, Esha), the post farz tasbeehat must be said after performing Sunnah Muakkada. As per the speaker, Sunnah Muakkada has higher priority than saying Tasbeehat. He said it is against sunnah to say tasbeehat before Sunnah Muakkada.  He said after… read more »

Hanafi method of placing hands during Salaah

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 The right  palm  should  be  placed  on  the  left  palm.  Then  grasp  the wrist  with  the  thumb  and  small  finger  and  spread  the  remaining three  fingers  on  the  back  of  the  left  hand.  (Hanafi Metod) assalamu alaikkum Mufthi saheb,Please Mention the Authentic Ahadeeth Proof for above statements… Answer In the… read more »

Does one have to give dam in this case?

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Assalmalaikum Mufti Saab A friend has performed hajj, on the day after arafat he came form muzdalifa, then he stoned shaitan and shaved his hair before making qurbani and then he performd tawaf. Is it okay? As we have understood that this has to be in sequence i.e. first you have to… read more »