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Asalomo Alaikom wrmtu wbrktu! I am out of country. Today I had a sexual discussion with my wife on video call. My sperm was released without touching my pennis. But both of my legs were moving? Is it permissible in islam? Answer In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious,… read more »

Can I marry a chaste woman?

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If someone commit sodomy (he just kissing another man with lust and did masturbation himself but he did not touch  another man’s penis). Can he marry a chaste and pure woman? What does is meaning of sura An nur verses 3 and 4? Answer In the Name of Allah, the Most… read more »

Masturbation without intention

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Salam, I have a really large concern, I was in a situation where the male genital became erected. By no means did I intentionally commit the act of masturbation however I moved my part to rearrange it which cause it to ejaculate. This was by no means intentional, as I am deeply concerned as… read more »

My wife is lying about praying Salah

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I married after watching one of your video 3 years ago,alhamdulillah.she is a local scholar(ladies alim,maolana) I m not, she sometimes not pray,when I say to pray she sayed I prayed,but I understand that she is absolutely lie ing ,example:one night I go to mosque and prayed fazr salah,it tooks approximately 6 minutes to… read more »

Elder sibling must get married first

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Assalamualikum mufti saab, I am 28 year old working in software company india. I am praying 5 times and following sunnah. But the problem is my marriage is getting delayed due to my elder brother. My parents are eagerly looking out but not succeeding. I was not able control my desire and not able… read more »

Suffering from Vasocongestion

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Respected sir I got engaged in December and did Nikkah in April Alhamdulillah. The problem is I suffer from vasocongestion near genitals which causes a lot of pain. This happens particularly when I get sexually aroused while talking, meeting with my wife. I consulted a urologist who said it will get cured after… read more »

Psychological impotence

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Assalamu alaikum, I am a 29 yr old man, in my adolescence age I had got myself indulge in watching porn and masturbation for a continuous 5 years after that I started feeling very tired and I stopped practicing it. Then later arised some health problems of mazi coming out after urination and in-digestion…. read more »