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Marital problems

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Q: I suffered a lot in my marriage since a few days after getting married and I am suffering till now. I am asking for divorce since then. This 9 years of marriage is a disaster. I couldn’t sleep at night most of the times. He abused me a lot. He made me feel ugly… read more »

Regretting permanent ligation

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Q: Three years ago after giving birth, my auntie had her operation done to avoid conceiving any more children. This was because she was facing alot of marriage problems and had this done without notifying her husband. The reason being was that she was worried that it might have a reverse affect on her marriage or… read more »

3 Talaq in anger

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Assa’laamu’ Alei’kum Wa Rehh’ma’tullaah. SUBJECT:  A husband and a wife have 10 years of married life with four kids. The husband has already used two revocable divorces to his wife (one in 2013, the other in 2016). Now one day, due to a continuous exchange of verbal abuse with his wife, the husband’s anger… read more »

Sunnahs of Wedding night.

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What are the sunnahs of the wedding night? How does one prepare for this night?  Is it permissible for the husband to lead the wife in prayer of two rakah of nafl prayer? or must they pray seperately?  Are there any rules of imamat when it comes to the husband leading the wife… read more »

Secret Nikah

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Assalamualikum, I am in love with a boy. Both of our family knows about it and they do not have any objections. We planned to marry after a year due to some circumstances. But it is really difficult to control our sexual needs and Allah forbidden fornication. So, we decided to marry secretly, will it… read more »

Responsibility of father

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Assalamu Alaykum A question Forward as recieved Respected Aalim (to whom it may concern) I as a daughter, is well aware of the respect owing to parents however i am faced with the scenario below. I am a  mother of 3 & delivered a baby recently and not in good… read more »

Boundaries of an engagement in Islam.

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Assalam Alaikum My parent have recently found a family/groom for me for arrange marriage. My concern/question is that Im a kind of person who is into designing and decoration and and I look forward to the events and do a lot of planning for it. I have been planning for my wedding, engagement days… read more »

I have committed zina with my sister in law

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Assalamu alaikum, I’m very ashamed to say that I have committed zina with my own sister in law I.e Bhabhi. Due to my brother’s suspicious habit makes us to commit zina. After few times I realizes it is a big sin. I have lost everything in my life, the willpower, the appearance, the respect among… read more »