Ahmad Mohtram Mufti sb, I would appreciate an answer to the below question. This question is about the definition of will(wasiat) in the shareia. My brother died last year leaving behind a wife, a Son and adopted Daugther.Few clarifications before the question: 1.He did not have child from his first wife and they both adopted a girl as adopted child. This adopted child is a daughter of my other brother and she was 1-1/2 year old when adopted. 2.He had a 2nd marriage couple of years ago and from this 2nd wife ,Allah blessed him with a boy baby. 3.Before the birth of the Son, his first wife died. 4.He himself left for the next world when the Son was just two month old. 5.Our parents are alive and living with us 6.Adopted daughter is 11 years of age now It is clear from the Islamic law of inheritance that following are the heirs: 1.Wife 2.Son 3.His father 4.His Mother And it is also known that the adopted kid will not get any share from the things left by the brother. As brother was working in a company where every year one document is to be signed describing the persons who will be considered heirs to distribute the provident fund incase of employ’s death. This document was signed after the death of his first wife and before the birth of the Son from the 2nd wife. He mentioned in the document that my provident fund is distributed to my wife and the adopted kid with out describing the proportion. Question: Can we consider this document as will (wasiah) and if this is wasiah, would the adopted kid have a portion and if yes. What should be this portion? Will this portion amount should be taken out from the total asset and rest is distributed to legal heirs? I would appreciate your valued inputs to this request.

I need your suggestion and guidance over issue of talaq between my elder sister and her husband, to put the whole incidence in short. My sister got married to my brother-in-law 2 and half years ago and has no children yet, after marriage. We came to know that he was habitual to alcohol. Now recently after getting drunk my brother-in-law told following sentences to my sister on mobile cell phone: “Mein Tujhey Divorce deta hun, tujhey talaq deta hun teen bar talaq, talaq, talaq” (In English it means: I am divorcing with you, I am divorcing with You three times, divorce, divorce, divorce). But now he is feeling guilty and want to resolve. So can you please elaborate in the light of Shariah (Islamic Law): (1) Whether these sentences will be considered as a talaq? (2) If answer is a yes, then please guide us further, “what to do next in these circumstances”? I and my family will be grateful to you.

Muslim practising women very often ask us what they can do when their husband don?t fulfill their rights towards them or when they have a non-islamic behaviour and they don?t want to grant them divorce. I would like to know your opinion about the following points: 1) May civil divorce granted by a french non-muslim judge considered as equivalent to a separation (tafreeq) granted by a Muslim Qadi if the reason for divorce is islamically valid? 2) In that case, who can decide if the reason for divorce is valid or not and how? 3) If husband and wife married only religiously and the imam who performed the marriage is available, has he the right to pronounce separation? 4) If this imam is no more reachable who can pronounce the separation between husband and wife? I am very keen to read your answer, so many women here are facing real difficulties with their husband. Jazakumullah khairan Was salam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh

I a living in USA, i went to pakistan for my nikkah, after my marriage i lived 2 months wwith my husband but situation was so messed up that i have decided for khullah now. My husband lives in London UK, i am not in contact with him since last 7 months. My inlaws in pakistan also have moved to new adress which we dont know. so i dont know their adresses, and my husband thretened me that i will never be able to get rid of him ever. He is not willing for talaq, me and my family tried our best but he and his family is constatnlt verbally abusing and harrasing me and my family. Now the question is , where should the court send a copy of khulla or degree so that my husband and inlaws should be informed that the case is in court and what should i do if he is not giving me divorce. he asked to me that he will never give me divorce. now he is trying to avoid the situation and hiding. other question, if i decide to marry again, will i be going through the IDDAT period once khullah will be valid. As i am not living with him since last 7 months. or i can marry after khulla is valid thru the court. kindly guide me.

mine is a love marriage , married for 13 years . now from past one year my husband is having an extramarrital affair with a hindu girl . i want to save my marriage and i love my husband a lot. i want him back. i want his love back. i want him to completely forget that girl from the heart and come back to me with full love with all his heart. PLEASE SUGGEST ME A DUA WHICH I CAN RECITE TO GET MY HUSBAND BACK TO ME AND TO LEAVE THAT GIRL FOREVER.. please desperately waiting for your reply and suggestion. khudahafis. thanking u . u r my only hope .

Dream: I saw in dream that “[my father had very severe wounds in his fingers with blood. He is inserting deep his own finger in his wounds. I am asking him not to do this. He is unhappy with me. In dream I have grief pain, as he charges me and my wife of unnecessary and baseless blaims & he is unhappy with me for no faults of mine and my wife and I am unable to convince him.]” (Due to length, given below circumstances, you may not print on your website. It is only for your (respected ulamas of deoband) reference please.) I & my wife goes in 40 days jamaats and try to live deeni life. My father sometimes says that after death there is nothing, and sometimes kufriya sentences. After suffering painful life, now from six years, I am living separate from my parents. I used to visit them once a week and my wife some times in months. After tiresome efforts of dawat and to safeguard from pity home politics, now, I go in a year to meet my sister, brother (live separately from parents). But they, & my parents do not come to my house even when my wife was seriously ill for months on bed, and for 3 weeks had to pass stools/urine on bed while my wife did a lot of khidmat to my parents. 3-4 months back, due to someone?s false blame, my father ORDERED me not to visit his house. After that I tried to talk him on phone and went on Idul-Azha but he did not open the door. NOW, I FEEL NO COURAGE TO MEET HIM. My father ((very angry man) had secret second marriage but it?s not open. There had been a lot of reasons, home money politics and pain for long years. Due to pains after every some months from him I do not want to meet him but due to my religious duty and my love and fikr for parents? aakhirat I want to meet them. BUT NOW THAT DOOR OF MEETING HAS ALSO BEEN CLOSED BY HIM. No relative or person can convince him. QUESTION: What will happen to me and to him in aakhirat due to failed relation of son and father and my wife’s father-in-law? WILL I BE CONSIDERED FOR QATA-TALLUK?

Salam , I was married last year in June 2008. I had a great life in Canada and after my marriage I moved to Dubai last november … I sold everything here and moved to his home in Dubai. My husband who is from pakistan but lives in Dubai has a servere temper anger problem but a sweet side as well … This is both our second marriage. We have issues like any other couples … But he is very different , open minded , great knowledge of islam but he is not in touch with Allah at the moment as his first priority is his work. He has been with many females in the past , very open minded but yet a good person … he did treat me well but the problem is that i always seeked attention from him as his working hours were off such as he works seven days a week and due to stocks markets he brings back work at home till late nighs.. so we hardly had time together…. Now the problem is that one night he was very upset and said talaq three times to me and there was no one else present in the room, just me and him. like I said he has a temper and verbally and physically abused me at times with not the right state of mind…. and he also apologized for it later as he didnt know what he was doing .. and i understand i use to bug him alot to take some time out for me.. and in anger i use to make him insecure that i will leave to canada … which i agree i have my flaws and i seriously worked on it and realised as im not perfect… like i mentioned he knows what he said about talaq as he has great knowledge of islam … but since he has said that i kept quiet and gave him his space and didnt have any physical contact but the problem is that i cant believe that i am divorced becos i am in love with him and willing to change not by force but becos i want too… he has sent me back to canada and im living with my mother … he hasnt told anyone in his family or mine.. it is been a month now .. he wants me to move on with my life … he hasnt called or im not in touch with him … he just keeps beating around the bush that im stubborn and dont understand .. which i really dont.. he said to me that he doesnt want me and i dont understand why becos i am willing to adjust not by force but because i want too … This is the first time since we have been married that he has said talaq straight away 3 times.. i was never unfaithful my heart was true all the time loving him and even now … he called me few days ago to tell me that he is very happy alone and that we are divorced .. basically in less than 5 months of our marriage he thinks he gave me plenty of chances and we should move on right now than later and waste each other time as he feels we are not compatible … But i dont understand what have i done .. i want to make things work… now that he has given me talaq 3 times … I dont wish to marry someone else and have intercourse becos I dont want too at all AND I DONT UNDERSTAND why am i being punished by doing so … I just to re marry my current husband who i love dearly … please guide me what can be done .. I want another alternative , any other way that i can do nikka with the husband im with and in love with without having intercourse or marry someone else… Because I cant do that, its like im being punished while i didnt do anything … Please i really need help ,, I ALSO want to know that my husband is born a moslim, he has prayed in the past … he drinks alcohol he does clubbing women also his work is his first priority at this point .. but he has great knowledge of islam at the other hand .. so i want to know a person like that if he says talaq three times while he doesnt pray , drinks , work … does that means his verbal words are acceptable to divorce me in islam ? can u please help me becos i dont want to go through this painful procedure of marrying someone else … kindly advice me what to do .. Thanks

Assalamualikum, Janab, This has reference to question No. Question ID#:19707 and on being asked to narrate in detail about how the marriage was held I am writing this e-mail. I, Khondakar Abul Basar, aged 34 years, had a registry marriage on 18th September, 2005 on Sunday at 2.30 P.M. in a Registry Marriage Office at Memari, West Bengal. In that marriage, I was alone present as bridegroom and I had no one to be witness of mine in marriage. The girl had her father, mother, maternal uncle and an old relative with her. We all sat in a single room with the Marriage Registrar and a Maulana Sahib who read marriage khodba. After reading marriage khodba the Maulana Sahib simply asked me two times and the marriage registrar one time about the Izaz Kabul and then the Maulana Sahib asked the girl three times about Izaz and Kabul directly which we both responded affirmatively and accepted. But, he never asked about any witness. When I asked I had no witness from my side, he said not required. But, he never asked anyone to be witness and give witness. When asked he said as the boy and the girl with her relatives sat in a single room, there is no need of any witness. The marriage was solemnized at the Mehr of Rs.10,000/- which I paid latter. As, there was no role of witness which is required in a marriage according to Islamic View, is this marriage legal in Islamic view? Before, Izaz ?Kabul we both signed in the marriage register and the three relatives of the girl signed as witnesses. Now, my question is whether the marriage was right according to Islamic view? As I was alone and no one had given any witness of mine whether this is acceptable? If this marriage is not legal what is to be done now?

My father purchased a house in my mother’s name 25 years ago where we are living in.We are 7 brothers(including me) & 2 sisters who are already married.Being an eldest brother I spent my own earnings on my brothers & sisters studies & even I contributed in the construction(extension) of the same house.My immediate younger brothers & me spent money on our 2 sisters’ marriages(hefty sum).My qustions are A).will my sisters get share in the house property? B).How will be the property distribution? My parents are alive alhamdulillah.

Assalam U Alikum,I am working in Dubai and my wife went to India for delivery of Child in April 2008 and after Allah gave the child she came back to Dubai in Sep 2008.Now she has become sick and i dropped her back in India and she started making baseless and false allegations against me. During my stay in India i most of the time when to her in Hospital but she did not talk or respond in nice or proper way nor to me nor my parents.Now few days back i came to know that she has been appointed as lecturer for which she applied in July 2008 and she did not apply after my knowledge and permission.Please let me know does Islam permit woman to apply and go for job without husbands permission and knowledge.Since i am in Dubai and she is now in India and is reluctant to come to Dubai by makng useless excuses.So what is in best way to deal with it as per Islamic Law.As when we married i was working in Dubai and before marriage i already informed her that either job in Dubai for you but never in India.Please suggest the fatwa for this is wife goes for job without Husbands permission.

I am Asghar Ali and I got married 2 years back. Now I have a daughter who is 1 year old. My wife has applied for Khula in Jamat (Mosque) 6 months back and she has made the allegation that I have illegal relationship with my sister-in-law (brother’s wife) and I do not have love and affection with my wife and I tortured and harassed her in this 2 years of marriage life. All the allegations are false and baseless. Jamat (mosque) members had discussion on this topic 3 times in this 6 months time frame. They investigated everything and they found all the allegations are false and baseless. They tried convincing my wife however, my wife was not ready for that. In marriage we have given 16 grams worth of gold as mahr and around 250 grams worth gold of jewels to my wife. Those jewels were given to my wife to keep our family reputation in marriage. I need those jewels to give it to the girl who is going to part of my life after this. Can I ask back those jewels from my wife at the time of khula?

My name is Mohammed Safiullah from Bangalore, India. Kindly let me know the Fatwa in the light of Quran and Sunnah. Now a days the hypocritical practice of performing Nikah in Masjid and doing all celebrations against Sunnah in expensive Shaadi Mahals has become a routine affair. Having many dishes, decoration, dowry, video, photography etc are just to mention a few practices. People say that it is Sunnah to have Nikah in a Masjid and do all non-Sunnah activities (bida’ah) in Shaadi Mahals. Mufti Sahib please let me know whether Prophet Muhammad (saw) celebrated his Nikahs in Masjid in the light of Ahadith. I do agree it is advisable to celebrate Nikah in Masjid if we are really celebrating the wedding in a simple way as per Shariah and sunnah. Please revert back to me at the earliest on my email id and publish this also online for the benefit of the Ummah.

Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullah la hi wa barakatuh mufti saahab, I would love to come in person and ask you this question but I?m ashmed with the situation I?m in below. You know me extremely well but again I?m extremely ashmed of myself with the situation I?m in below and I feel ashmed of showing you my face or telling you my name. I have written the question best to my knoweldge. If a husband text messaged his wife talaq (sms) on three different occasions when he was majnoon ? junoon with no witness present and he had not consummated (sexual intercourse) his marriage because his marriage was done secretly, under verbal nikah and he and his wife feared that if they accidentally bring a child into this world with out being publicly married. The situation would become very difficult. In this case everything that I mentioned above does the talaq take place? and if the talaq takes place is it required for the wife to get halala (sexual intercourse) if she marries another man? Also, if in future she marries another man and that other man decides to give her divorce? In the situation above does she need to get halala (sexual intercourse) done before getting married to back to me if in the future her husband gives her divorce for any reason? If you can please respond back to me as soon as possible mufti saahab. jazakallah khairan Allah Hafiz Assalaamualikum

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