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Supplications for a Spouse

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Answered by Shaykh Mazhar Mahmood Question: Is there any prayer I could perform to have my marriage proposal accepted. I have been rejected many times, and seek some guidance from you. Answer: Thank you for contacting Mathābah regarding your matter. We pray to the Almighty to facilitate ease and comfort for you. Āmīn. As Muslims,… read more »

Making sabar

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Q: Sabar has much importance in Islam. I want to ask that if a woman is ugly and she is criticised by the people around her and compared by her sisters who are beautiful. Even there is no marriage proposal for her. But she always showes patience. Is it a type of Sabar and will… read more »

Is my Nikah valid?

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Hiding something in order to elicit an agreement for marriage Assalamu allaykum. I have been married for over a year, but I have a question about the validity of my marriage, in particular the Qabool (agreement) part of it. My marriage was initially arranged by my parents and a guardian. But one… read more »