marital problems

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Interpretation of Istikhara Dream

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My wife and I have been having marital problems for the last 2,5 yrs. We went to an Aalim who suggested we see an Aamil as he suspected sihr. This was confirmed by the Aamil we chose. However things still havent changed. I have now read Istikhara salat and asked my Granddad who is pious… read more »

Out of anger I pronounced the 3xtalaaqs to her without any witnesses being present,and no papers were signed.Is this Talaaq legal and binding? A day or later I had intercourse with my wife.

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Assalaam u Alaikum Mufti,Kaifa-anta. I had marital problems 2 yrs ago whereby I issued my wife with the first talaaq.We got back together during her Iddah and everything went well for 1 year.Then things turned sour where my wife threw me out of the house because of me speaking to female colleagues.She kept harrassing and… read more »

I was considering proposing to a girl, but just found out from her that she is not a virgin(sex b4 marriage).I am very upset at this but still love her.Should I still consider marriage 2 her?

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Answer Since you love her, you should go ahead and marry her. However, if you feel that this would lead to marital problems in the future, we suggest you abstain and look for someone else. and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best Mufti Muhammad Kadwa FATWA DEPT. CHECKED AND APPROVED: Mufti Ebrahim Desai Original Source Link


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Salaam, I have a question, I gave a freind some advice which was very bais, Will I get sin for that, although I made it very clear that it was just my advice. I was very young wen I gave this advice (only 18), I told some one they should get a divorce, I had… read more »

Problems with Two Wives

Answered by Daruliftaa.com

I have been in a very complicated situation for sometime now. I was happily married for 7 years. I decided to take on another wife do to, that I was very involved with my community in Islamic matters for adults and children. I knew this women who as well works with children and helps American… read more »

Boycotting Fellow Muslims

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I have a problem which is stated below for your kind interpretation in the light of hadith and sunnah. We live in India in a community known as Mansuri Jammat. For the welfare of the society. The Mansuri Jammat has framed some stricter laws as regards to the families violating the norms. One of my… read more »

Is tasawwuf a bid’ah?

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Is tasawwuf a bid’ah? Answer The thought that tasawwuf is bi’dah could be due to several reasons. It is possible that some people conduct certain practices against shari’ah in the name of tasawwuf that are obviously wrong. If your father believes that tasawwuf is bidah due to this reason, then he is correct. The reality… read more »

Can I do Istikhara for seeking a Khula’?

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Is it alright to do istikhara for a case where a woman wants to know whether she should take khulaa’. The husband is refusing to give talaaq and after marriage of 10 years she is saying she doesn’t love the husband anymore. Answer In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. As-salāmu… read more »

He was extremely angry and could not control his temper and in a moment of rage shouted out that he give me 3 talaqs. I left our home and am now in idat but he believes that we are still married..

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I am a distressed young women in need of you opinion and advice pertaining to talaq. It is with great regret that I have to be even asking this question. I have been married to my husband for 5 months. During this time we have been going through alot of marital problems but I tolerated everything… read more »