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Validity of the nikaah

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Q: A woman once tried to make a man fall in love with her. She said a dua, blowed into water and then gave the water to a man to drink to make him fall in love with her. She understood that she has done a wrong thing. She repented. Now whatever she has done,… read more »

Sending one’s parents for Hajj

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Q: An elderly man and woman have been accredited to go for Hajj. However, due to limited financial means, they are unable to go. Their young son has already performed Hajj and has been accredited for the second time to go for Hajj. Is it the son’s responsibility to first send his parents for Hajj?… read more »

Secret nikaahs

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Q: Nowadays, majority of husbands have a single wife with the exception of some. In this situation, how can a woman be asked to tolerate her husband’s second marriage. Isn’t it a responsibility of the husband to inform her prior to the marriage of him entering into another marriage so that she can choose to… read more »