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I was resident of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for 1 year ( Jeddah is a miqat), and during this tenure , I visited Makkah first time in ihram and performed Umrah and after that many times I visited Makkah just to offer Friday prayer and tawaf (I asked local tour operator there before going they said yes you can go without ihram if you are just going for prayer and tawaf and not with intention of performing Umrah and this is regular routine followed by resident of Jeddah, that to go without ihram to Makkah and offer tawaf and Friday prayer and come back). Just I was going through fatwa in hajj and umrah section of this website, I found many fatwa saying that whenever you go to or enter the boundary you have to go in ihram (eg Fatwa no 48823) which is totally against what is followed in Jeddah and it has been done by me also I kindly request you to throw light on above issue and other issue related below: (1) People working outside the hudood but in Makkah, if they come to offer their prayers in Haram, will they have to be in the state of ihram? (2) People working inside the hudood but staying outside Makkah, they travel daily to work, should they come in the state of ihram every day and do umrah and then start their work (which is practically impossible), since mostly all people working in the hudood offer their salah in Haram Sharif. (3) Since I was in Jeddah and traveling to Makkah without ihram for Friday prayer and tawaf, is dam compulsory (I do not remember number of times I have visited Haram in such condition) and after this I have travelled to Makkah in the state of ihram from miqat to Haram and performed Umrah just last week. So what should I do?

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