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Remarrying after khula

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Q: I have a elder sister, she had taken a khulanama and talaq e bain as per Indian juridical in the year of 2015 and she also taken a custody of her 3 year son at the time of Khula and from now they are living separate. Now her husband wants to remarry with her… read more »

Reconciling after iddat

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Q: My husband gave me divorce 1 time and my iddat has also got finished. Is there any way I can go back to my husband if he contacts me. A: If both of you wish to get back together then a new nikaah needs to be performed with a new mahr. And Allah Ta’ala… read more »

Reconciling after khula

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Q: I took khula from my husband of 2 years and completed my iddah of 1 hayz and we have a son together. Now I see my mistake and want to remarry him. Can I reconcile with him and if I can, what will the procedure be? A: If he did not issue two talaaqs… read more »