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What is the meaning of the two names, Muhammad, and Ahmed, of Prophet S.A.W.S.Since Imam Mehdi will have the same name, what will be exactly his name?

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Since the Prophet S.A.W.S. did not have Mehdi as his name, how can Imam Mehdi have the same name as the Prophet S.A.W.S.? Answer Muhammad and Ahmad – the praised one Mahdi literally means the guided. That will be his title as he will be guided by Allah Ta’ala. and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best Mufti… read more »

Salaam Aleikum. I work with a brother who is a member of the Nation of Islam here in the US. How do I approach him as a Muslim? Or is he not considered one? How may I bring him closer to Islam?

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Although he says he believes in the Noble Qur’an and the Hadith, he completely ignores and denies some of the messages revealed in the Noble Qur’an. He’s converted 10 years ago and has never read the Qur’an (at least in Arabic, but he disagrees?”the Quran doesn’t have to be in Arabic only”). His entire knowledge… read more »