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Can one use haram money to make umra?

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i am really in trouble and need your quick answer please1)my brother works in the restaurant where they also sell wine and bear. but my brother just works in the kitchen and he has nothing to do with wine. Is the money he earns halaal or haraam. and he also wants me to join with… read more »

1)Please suggest some dua so that i can go abroad preferably to Madinah/Jeddah/USA/UK for doing job as a software engineer.I work as software engineer.

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2) Please advise on the below situation I was Offering Maghrib Prayer with Jamaath, I Was there in all the 3 rakaths, I mean I have’nt missed any rakath however when the imam sahab completed the namaz by saying Salam I stood up by mistake and offered and extra rakath, i realised this while making… read more »