I am planning to perform Umrah along with my husband this year In-shaAllah. This will be a short trip of 1 week to Makkah and 1 week to Madinah and I fear I may get my period during this time which longs for 6-7 days. Am I allowed to take medicine to delay my period till this trip is over? I get this opportunity to perform Umrah once in 5-6 years and I do not want to miss any minute. Also since we will have our aged parents with us and if I get periods, I will be unable to help them with Umrah as I cannot enter Haram in this case.

We have masjid in our Mohalla; due to shortage of space we build a new masjid twice the size of the old masjid. But some of our masjid member is asking for the exact Qiblah, but for making the exact Qiblah in new masjid there is a huge wastage of space which shall result in less increase of people count when compare to the old masjid. We need to clarify whether if it is very much necessary to stand at the exact Qiblah or the slight change of direction is acceptable. The specifications of area Anjumane Soukath Islam masjid Demand 1st street,Tirupur-641604.Tamil Nadu. The direction of masjid is 268� The exact Qiblah direction is 291.050970�, there is cross of 23� We want to know whether the cross of 23� must be corrected or can we arrange the Qiblah at the masjid direction, so that there is a possible of 700 men can stand at the same time, if we corrected Qiblah there is a possibility for only 350 to 380 men for a Jamat.

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