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Can I Follow the Maliki School in My Worship and the Shafi’i School in Transactions?

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Answered by Ustadh Tabraze Azam Question: Assalam alaykum, I’m currenlty relearning my religion. Especially regarding following the madhab. Currently, I’m leaning toward the Maliki fiqh for my Ibadah. But, in the place where I live, Shafi’i is considered the most commonly followed madhab. So, is it permissible to practice Maliki fiqh in private, but practice… read more »

Meat slaughtered in non Hanafi countries

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Q: Is it permissible for us to eat meat slaughtered in non Hanafi countries, such as Malaysia or Saudi Arabia? The reason I’m asking is that we can’t be 100% that the meat is halaal according to Hanafi standards. For example, in Malaysia (Shafie) there is a possibility that it would have been slaughtered intentionally… read more »

Ibn Taymiyyah (Rahimahullah)

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Q: The Salafi sect considers Ibn Taymiyyah as their leader.We, the Sunni Hanafi Deobandis obviously disagree with Ibn Taymiyyah on many issues. However, I have read that some of our elders considered Ibn Taymiyyah to be a Mujtahid in his own right. If I am not wrong, even Hazrat Thaanwi has written this. Is this… read more »

Missed Salah

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First Question: Can a follower of Hanafi madhab who missed 2 year-long salat to make it up in the following way? He offers: two missed fajr salats after the fajr prayer,  two missed zuhr salats after the zuhr prayer, two missed asr salats after the asr prayer, two missed… read more »

Snapchat is prohibited along with Skype?

Answered by regarding this question, you said snapchat is prohibted along with skype is prohibited. how can you say that it is prohibited when there is a valid ikhtilaf on this issue. why dont you say `our view is that its prohibited but there is the other opinion that it is… read more »

Can 1 Qurbani suffice for the entire household?

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  1) The Ghair Muqallideen are misguiding people that 1 Qurbani from the entire household would suffice for the entire family. You dont have to give individual Qurbani if you are staying in the same house and Rasoolullah(Sallellahu alaihi wasalaam) never gave seperate Qurbani on behalf of his wives and same with Sahaba(ra)…. read more »

Nikaah without a wali

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Q: I made nikah with my husband. He is a Maliki . I do not folow any madhab. The imam who made a nikah implemented it without a wali according to the hanafi madhab. After I found out that there are sahih hadiths proving that there is no nikah without a wali. Also most of… read more »

Paying in Missed Fasts in Advance

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Q: With regards to Qadha fasting for a woman who breastfeeds: Can someone pay in fasts before the commencement of Ramadhan?  e.g If she plans on fasting every alternate day and knows she’ll have 15 days to pay in, can she do this before she’s missed the fast? A: If you mean that can… read more »

Following a Mathab

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Q: Where is the source in Islam that states you have to follow a madhab? If one isn’t following a madhab, is that then a sin? A: The Imams of the Madhabs have extracted the laws of the Madhab from the Qur’aan and Sunnah. By doing so, they have made practicing on the Deen… read more »

Is watching football permissible?

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 We live in an age where scholars do not regard watching football either live or on TV as impermissible, nor do they regard it as impermissible to participate in it or promote it on social media. In fact, some belligerently deny that it is Haraam. The most common argument against it not being impermissible to… read more »