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Should I join for taraweeh those who pray 20 rakats in units of 4(hanafi imam) or those who pray 8 rakats in units of 2(“salafi” imam) or to pray at home 20 rakats in units of 2.

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Esselamu Aleykum Mufti Ebrahim, after I found this page some months ago, casually surfing the internet, I am sure I found the best and most reliable place where to learn about islamic jursipodence. I pray All-llah, Subhane ue Te?ala, to give you and all those who contribute to this great work, more knowledge and reward… read more »

When standing up from Sujood some people actually sit (in jalsa) for sometime b4 getting up, instead of doing it in one motion, is this required by Sunnah? Should the bottom be on floor for jalsa?

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Also when sitting in Jalsa, I was told there?s Hadith requiring us to rest our bottom on the floor not on our left foot. If so, please provide it. When these people next to me in Jamaat (congregation) sit in jalsa for a few seconds before getting up, and I have already stood up for… read more »

can u clarify the length of the beard?…evidence you gave in Answer 9687 regarding the verdicts on the Miqdar (length) of the beard

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The evidence you gave in Answer 9687 regarding the verdicts on the Miqdar (length) of the beard from the various Madhahib does not support the statement in Fathul Qadeer (and your view) that ?nobody has permitted the trimming of the beard upto less than a fist?s length? because the prohibition in most of the statements… read more »

I joined salah in the masjid, I thought that the brother was praying Zuhr, after the salah ended he said that he was praying Sunnah. My intention was to pray 4 rakaats of Zuhr, is the salat valid?

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Answer According to the Hanafi Madhab, the Imaam and Muqtadi (follower) must be performing the same Fardh Salaat in order for the Salaat to be valid. The Dhuhr Salaat you performed behind the brother who performed Sunnah Salaat is invalid. You should repeat your Dhuhr Salaat. and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best Mufti Ebrahim Desai Source